San Diego, California

Vince Marchetti


Vince Marchetti

Vince Marchetti has extensive commercial expertise for driving business growth in the medical industry. Vince is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri with a B.S. in Business Administration and is currently located in San Diego, California. Previously, Vince worked for Kinetic Concepts Incorporated (KCI) as Regional Vice President of the active healing solutions division.

" My father has been the biggest influence in my life. He has served the public through a long military career as well as in public service as an elected official. He has inspired me to do a lot of volunteering. "

- Vince on who has been the biggest influence in his life

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My life has also been impacted greatly by the declining health of some of my family members. They have limited access to key healthcare specialists and proper facilities needed to treat and manage their conditions. 

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