Vince Marchetti

Vince Marchetti has dedicated 20 years of his career to selling disruptive medical technologies in the vascular, cardiovascular and wound care space for start-up companies including Entellus Medical (acquired by Stryker), Lumend (acquired by Johnson & Johnson) and Novoste (acquired by Best Medical).  Vince discusses his career, as well as insider tips for aspiring business professionals, in a variety of news features.


Benefits of Partaking in Volunteer Work

Volunteer work, irrespective of how much time is invested or what specific efforts are supported, can radically, positively transform a person’s life, in addition to the self-gratification naturally achieved through altruism.

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How The Medical Field Has Been Impacted By COVID19

With companies and schools already adapting to remote working conditions, it seemed inevitable for telemedicine to become the new standard in health care services, Vince Marchetti says.

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How to Get Started in an Industry

There was an upstart medical device company called Medi-Tech that recruited salespeople from outside of the medical industry.  Their primary focus at the time was recruiting salespeople from the consumer products industry, which is where I had previously been working.

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Developing Career Success

In his interview, Marchetti shared habits that help him achieve success, advice for new graduates, and what drew him to the sales industry early on in his career. He also explained how the healthcare industry will be positively affected …

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A Conversation with Vince Marchetti

My life has also been impacted greatly by the declining health of some of my family members. They have limited access to key healthcare specialists and proper facilities needed to treat and manage their conditions. 


How Dentistry has been Affected by Technological Advancements

With ongoing developments in technology, dentistry is welcoming new and better ways to optimize patient experience. 

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A Conversation on Family Values and Developing Career Success

Vince Marchetti was born in San Antonio, Texas and currently resides in Coronado, California. He then attended University of Central Missouri and majored in business. 


The Importance of Networking for Career Success

Networking, the art of schmoozing and socializing with strangers, can be a dreary sight in one’s day planner, as it often represents a time-consuming, wearisome, and uncomfortable interaction.


How to Adapt as a Business Owner

Business owners are consistently searching for effective, advantageous ways to adapt their models to get a leg up on the competition and ensure that it is growing to an extent that exceeds customer expectations.


My Experiences in the Medical Equipment Field

Hi and Welcome! My name is Vince Marchetti and I have extensive commercial expertise for driving business growth in the medical industry. I graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a B.S. in Business Administration and I currently reside in Coronado, California. Previously, I worked for Kinetic Concepts Incorporated (KCI) as Regional Vice President of the active healing solutions division.

I have over 21 years of medical device experience including 13 years of outstanding results in the Vascular and Cardiovascular divisions of medical leaders Boston Scientific and Medtronic. I helped establish two new minimally invasive cardiovascular device markets and successfully saw them through to liquidity events. These included Lumend (acquired by Johnson & Johnson) and Novoste (acquired by Best Medical).